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At Oaks&Co we provide real world dog training that fits around the lifestyle of you and your dog.

We will coach you to communicate effectively with your dog and to gain the sort of relationship necessary to live in harmony each and everyday, focussing on teaching your dog to make positive decisions with a relaxed demenour. When everything is put into practise, you will achieve a significant enhancement in your dogs behaviour and you will have the relationship you have always dreamed of.

Breed...age...shape...size...history... It doesn't matter. Every dog deserves proper training and the opportunity to reach their full potential and to truly be "man's best friend".

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1 to 1 Training

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Dog training can be time consuming and expensive if you or your trainer don't fully understand the correct training methods required for your particular dog and you.


At Oaks&Co, through our twenty years of experience, we have no doubt that our 1 to 1 training sessions are the most cost effective, successful and manageable way to quickly achieve lasting change in your dog's behaviour whilst ensuring the minimum disruption to your already busy life. Dog after dog, we have demonstrated that teaching a technique that fits the dog and owner correctly can attain immediate results. If the training is then constantly continued by the owner, no additional assistance or monetary outlay is required. Session location can vary from our training centre, public places, or your own home depending on what is required for the particular issue you are experiencing.

It is extrememly important that clients are honest about all aspects of their dogs behaviour when contacting us and throughout training to ensure that we can tailor the best possible training plan. Please keep in mind that there will be homework as consistency is the key to your success. We will show you the required skills and you will need to continue to work with your dog on a daily basis to achieve the results you want.

1 to 1

Livestock Desensitisation Training

Watching your dog chase livestock can be one of the most serious and frightening moments you will ever experience together, especially when you realise that not only is it a criminal offense but also that your dog is potentially endangering it's own life and the lives of the animals.

As an extension to our 1 to 1 training sessions, Oaks&Co offer Livestock Desensitisation Sessions. With our own flock of very friendly sheep and a dedicated training field, we can tailor a training plan to ensure that your dog will no longer worry livestock and you can both enjoy relaxing walks on the countryside or mountains.

As with the 1 to 1 training, it is of the upmost importance that you are honest and open regarding the severity of your dogs issues leading up to and during training sessions in order to ensure the best training plan possible for your situation. We are here to help, not to judge.

Please bear in mind that these are purely outdoor training sessions with possibly everything the Northern Ireland mountain weather can throw at us so it is advisable to dress accordingly.  A good waterproof coat and boots are often essential, especially outside of the summer months. Training is much is easier if you are warm, dry and comfortable.

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Group Training


Group training is a great, effective and social way to train your dog while meeting like-minded people. At Oaks&Co we like to run them a little differently to the rest. Of course, we still deal with the usual important foundations such as: Puppy Training, Recall and Leashwork but we also include ENVIRONMENTAL Training designed to equip your puppy or dog with the skills required to be a confident and well mannered pet in everyday life so that, wherever you take them, they will never be scared or too excited by the things they find. The key to a happy dog is teaching them to remain neutral and calm when faced with the unknown. We do this with an array of fun and entertaining exercises designed to get your dog used to the sort of things they'll encounter when out and about, eliminate pulling on the lead and reduce the likelyhood of reactivity issues, while informing the owner of ways to further the progress out in the places they like to go walkies and beyond.

We run these workshops every month from our training compound utilising a large, safe and fully secure field and barn, with a maximum of 6 dogs at a time to ensure everyone gets the full attention they require.

Please call us for information on the next available workshop and keep an eye on our Facebook page by clicking the link Here.

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